Emmy Luvanda

Name: Emmy
Surname: Luvanda

Project Name
Blockchain – Powered Travel Loyalty Program

Introducing our groundbreaking concept for the Africa Youth in Tourism Innovation Challenge: a Blockchain-Powered Travel Loyalty Program. This innovative initiative encourages and rewards travelers for making sustainable choices, fostering responsible tourism practices. By harnessing the power of blockchain, we aim to revolutionize the way travellers engage with eco-friendly options, creating a global network that promotes environmental consciousness and community development. Join us in reshaping the future of travel with purpose.

Project Challenge

Existing travel loyalty programs lack a unified, eco-conscious approach. Our challenge is to address this gap by introducing a Blockchain-Powered Travel Loyalty Program. This initiative aims to incentivize and track sustainable travel choices, promoting responsible tourism and environmental awareness. Through blockchain technology, we seek to revolutionize loyalty programs, fostering a global community committed to preserving our planet through mindful travel.

Target Audience
Our Blockchain-Powered Travel Loyalty Program is designed for environmentally conscious travelers, eco-friendly accommodation providers, and airlines committed to sustainability. By engaging this diverse audience, we aim to create a global network of individuals and businesses dedicated to fostering responsible tourism practices and mitigating the environmental impact of travel.

Solution & USP
Solution and Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Our solution is a revolutionary Blockchain-Powered Travel Loyalty Program that rewards sustainable travel choices. Using blockchain, we offer a secure, transparent, and globally connected platform, incentivizing users with tokens for eco-friendly decisions. Our USP lies in fostering a community committed to responsible tourism, delivering unique rewards, and contributing to global sustainability. Join us in shaping the future of travel with purpose.


Total Addressable Market (TAM): The TAM for a Blockchain-Powered Travel Loyalty Program is vast, considering the global reach of the travel industry. Billions of individuals engage in travel annually, making the potential TAM significant. Targeted Market Percentage: The targeted market percentage depends on factors such as marketing strategy, geographical focus, and industry partnerships. For instance, capturing 1-5% of the global eco-conscious traveler segment could be a realistic target initially.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis: Existing travel loyalty programs like airline miles and hotel points lack a dedicated focus on sustainability. Our Blockchain-Powered Travel Loyalty Program stands out by exclusively rewarding eco-friendly choices. No direct competitors currently offer a blockchain-driven, universally applicable solution for responsible tourism. Our unique approach positions us as pioneers in incentivizing and tracking sustainable travel choices, differentiating us from conventional loyalty programs.

Team Composition
Team Composition: Our diverse team comprises blockchain experts, sustainability enthusiasts, and seasoned travel industry professionals. Together, we bring the perfect blend of technological innovation, environmental consciousness, and industry know-how to drive the success of our Blockchain-Powered Travel Loyalty Program.

Financial Modelling
Financial Modeling: To date, we’ve invested $5,000 in research, development, and initial marketing. Our financial model projects a steady increase in revenue, driven by user acquisition and partnerships. Seeking $25,000 for scalability, marketing, and further tech enhancements, demonstrating our commitment with substantial “skin in the game.”

Anticipating rapid user adoption, we project a 300% growth in user base over the first year, generating $20000 in revenue. With strategic partnerships and expanded features, we aim for sustained growth, targeting a 150% increase in revenue in subsequent years. These projections are grounded in market trends, user feedback, and our commitment to continuous improvement.

Budget Overview:

1. Research and Development: $10,000 for initial tech development and platform setup.

2. Marketing: Allocate $2,000 for a robust marketing campaign to drive user acquisition and awareness.

3. Operational Costs: Estimate $10,000 for day-to-day operations, including maintenance, customer support, and partnerships.

4. Scalability: Set aside $2,000 for future tech enhancements, scalability, and potential expansion into new markets.

5. Contingency: Include a 10% contingency fund for unforeseen expenses or adjustments. This budget ensures a strong foundation, effective marketing, continuous development, and flexibility for unexpected challenges.

Traction Overview:

1. User Acquisition: Achieved initial traction with 1 thousand registered users within the first month.

2. Partnerships: Formed key partnerships with eco-friendly travel providers, enhancing program offerings.

3. Media Coverage: Garnered positive media attention, resulting in feature articles and interviews.

4. User Engagement: Demonstrated high user engagement with an average of Y actions per user weekly.

5. Feedback Loop: Implemented a robust feedback loop, incorporating user suggestions for continuous improvement. This traction showcases promising early adoption, positive industry reception, and an engaged user base.

Ask and what will be offered in return
Ask: For our initial investment of $25,000, we seek support in accelerating our Blockchain-Powered Travel Loyalty Program’s growth, enhancing technological capabilities, and expanding our reach. Offer: In return, investors will gain a stake in a pioneering venture poised to revolutionize sustainable tourism. Additionally, backers will benefit from a share in the financial success of our innovative solution, contributing to the global shift toward responsible travel.

How the ask will be used
The ask will be utilized as follows:

1. Technology Enhancement: Allocate a significant portion to enhance the blockchain infrastructure, ensuring scalability, security, and efficiency.

2. Marketing and User Acquisition: Invest in a comprehensive marketing campaign to boost user acquisition, drive awareness, and expand the program’s reach globally.

3. Operational Expansion: Cover operational costs, including customer support, maintenance, and partnership development, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations.

4. Research and Development: Dedicate funds to continuous research and development for ongoing improvement of features, user experience, and sustainability initiatives.

5. Scalability: Reserve funds for future scalability, allowing for seamless expansion into new markets and the integration of additional eco-friendly travel providers. This strategic allocation aims to maximize the impact of the investment, fostering sustainable growth and innovation.

Timeline for development

Development Timeline: Over the next 12 months, we’ll focus on rapid prototyping, beta testing, and user feedback integration. Full-scale deployment and ongoing improvements are planned in the following months. This timeline ensures a robust, user-friendly, and continuously evolving Blockchain-Powered Travel Loyalty Program.

Conclusion/additional information
Our Blockchain-Powered Travel Loyalty Program represents an innovative solution for fostering responsible tourism. We invite investors to join us in this transformative journey, contributing to a sustainable future for global travel. Your support ensures the success of our pioneering venture and positions you at the forefront of the evolving landscape of eco-conscious travel. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together.



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