Gaylord Kasayi

Name: Gaylord
Surname: Kasayi

Project Name

Our solution is based on the promotion of the Congolese and African destination. It focuses on a digital application for tourism on techniques for boosting destinations: communication of tourist circuits accessible from a mobile, management of reservations for accommodation, access to attractive places, mobility. This enhances the brand of tourist destinations and restores traveler confidence. Our solution also allows: the revival of the sharing economy, the circular economy, the management of income, the revival of demand, investments, among others, to implement communication on tourist destinations thinking of the near and distant future of the whole sector. Reinforcement of security measures, remediation or awareness methods on environmental protection, early detection, among others for tourism and travel actors, and for the use of tourists, tourism employees, sector hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, transport, amusement parks.

Project Challenge

Our challenges:

– The promotion of domestic tourism through digital with a low rate of use of digital services in the DRC.

– Development of a national plan on the strategy of tourism in the DRC that we are putting in place (thanks to our partnership with the Ministry of Tourism of the DRC)

– The prices of Visas and plane tickets for the DRC

– Bring together the best tourist agencies on an offer model with international standards.

– Training of certified tourist guides for quality service (We have trained more than 1500 tourist guides)

Target Audience
Although a vast continent of 54 diverse countries and 1.3 billion inhabitants, Africa weighs punching well above its weight in the tourism industry. A little over 19 million international tourists arrived in Africa in 2021, according to UNWTO figures, i.e. only 4.3% of the world total. However, Africa in 2021 has to capital loss 17 Billion USD for 901 USD spent per tourist on average. What is the place of the Democratic Republic of Congo during these years? Tourist spending is estimated at $81m (2022), $108m (2021) and $355m (between 2017 2021) for an average of $70m/year. In 2016, there were approximately 200,000 tourist arrivals, $194 in spending per tourist, 0.3$ Bm of total expenditure made by the tourist and 0.5% of export of products for 8,000 direct jobs.

Solution & USP
Yebo is a digital platform for the promotion of the Congolese and African destination. We offer tourist services and offers to travelers in the form of tourist circuits that highlight the natural wealth and African ecological biodiversity. We have been able to create more than 1,500 jobs for young people and educate local communities on the preservation of nature, our tourist wealth.We not only promote, but we preserve nature to help relaunch tourism in Africa as an important factor in the socio-economic development of the continent.


International tourism represented 7% of global exports of goods and services in 2017, compared to 6% in 2015. And it’s not over: we expect 1.8 billion tourists in 2030 worldwide, compared to just over 1.2 today. It represents 10% of global GDP which corresponds to 1 in 10 jobs. We are targeting more than 80 millions of travelers from Europe and 1.3 Billions of africans travelers to whom we can facilitate their movement in african with the correct tourism services thru their cellphone.

Competitor Analysis

Currently in Africa, we have several competitors on online reservation platforms such as booking, kayak and trivago. however, their services are focused on visibility towards a target clientele including business travel and tourism products that cost a lot for the average traveler.

We stand out with Yebo on a service proposal for:

– Facilitate online booking – promote the tourist experience through authentic Africa

– Support public and private partner organizations to improve services with our experts

-Promote African tourist identity.

Team Composition
We are an team of 10 employees :

CEO : Mr. Gaylord KASAYI

CTO : Mr. Patrick Izatina

Developers: Mr. Rudy Muamba,

Business manager: Mr. Nelson Badibangi, Mr. Henock Maboti.

Finance : Mme Nalla Maku

Administration : Mrs AKi, Mrs. Ange

Financial Modelling
Yebo is a marketplace that offers services and offers of tourist circuits that travelers can find from a mobile. These services allow the promotion of the Congolese and African destination, while providing all the information on tourist routes, sites, accommodation, mobility and plane tickets. We get a commission ranging from 15%-20% on each reservation made on the Yebo platform. We assist travelers with VISA and travel facilitation during their stay. We’re tourism investiment facilitator with European club and african governement.

Since the creation of Yebo, we have worked to penetrate the Congolese and African market. With more than 300 reservations with a financial average of 1200 US dollars, we have positioned ourselves as the only online reservation platform for DR Congo. We reached a turnover of 5000 USD per month and we planned to increase our turnover by improving the quality of our services and diversifying our tourism products. our goal: to reach 100,000 travelers per year for an average of 1,500 USD per passenger within 24 months. In the years, we would like to reach all countries with strong tourism potential in order to offer offers and services for the movement of the population during trips in a completely easy way. Tourism growth encompasses marketing in order to increase international tourist arrivals. The internet statistics by Internet World Stats (2019) imply that the top 5 African countries in terms of internet users are: Nigeria (119.5m), Egypt (49.2m), Tanzania (43.6m), Kenya (43.3m) and South Africa (32.6m). Equally, the top 5 African countries in terms of Facebook subscription are: Egypt (35m), Angola (27.6m), Algeria (19m), Nigeria (17m) and South Africa (16m). Furthermore, internet statistics by population of African countries suggest that the top 5 African countries in terms of population are: Nigeria (200.9m), Ethiopia (110.1m), Egypt (101.1m), Congo Dem. Republic (86.7m) and Tanzania (60.9m).

Currently we have a monthly budget of 5000 USD per month including 2000 USD for operations, 3000 USD for human resources and office supply invoices. We have a rate of online reservations which has increased by more than 400 percent since the signing of a memorandum of understanding with diplomatic representations of the DRC in Europe, equivalent to an additional 1500 USD on visa assistance costs.

We’re actracting travelers by :

1. INTERNET: The internet penetration rate (% population) in Africa by June 30, 2019 indicated 39.8 percent which is 525,148,631 users compared to 4,514,400 users in 2000 with Facebook subscription of 204,304,118 in December 2018 (Internet World Stats, 2019). In addition, 525,148,631 internet users in Africa represent 11.9 percent of the world’s internet users. On the one hand, the world total average penetration rate is 57.3 percent which is 4,422,494,622 users and 2,199,428,570 Facebook subscribers in December 2018.

– Digital Content promotion : The study used correlation analysis and found that the elements of digital marketing such as online marketing and social media marketing are highly positively correlated to sales increase.

Ask and what will be offered in return
The funds received by investors will be returned to investors in the form of a share or reimbursement of financing in the next 3 years and another 5 years depending on the range of investisment. the funds needed is 50.000 USD for Level 1 and 200.000 USD for level 2.

How the ask will be used
We are looking for crownfunding from angels investors to expand our services to other countries and increase our penetration into the African market. We’ll add more operationnal keypoint for local tourism market in main 5 country as Kenya, Tanzania, DRC, rwanda, ouganda for tourism prupose.

Timeline for development

Our development plan is divided into 2 stages:

1. 3 years – Fully occupied the African market (more than 5 countries) for an annual turnover of 200,000 USD, with more than 500,000 travelers for an average of 800 USD

2. 5 years – Fully occupied the African market (more than 25 countries) for an annual turnover of 2,000,000 USD, with more than 1,000,000 travelers for an average of 1,200 USD

Conclusion/additional information
We were awarded as 1st running up from African leadership forum award at gaborone, botswana by ATL, in the DRC as Best digital startup during the Africa Digital Expo ( in Kinshasa in 2022, Best startup with socio-economic impact between Canada and the DRC (https:// –, best digital projects by the Orange Corner incubator in the DRC (, we are talked about in various international and national articles: and rquot-tell-me-congo-rquot-2022 We are official partners of the Congolese government through the Ministry of Tourism and Foreign Affairs.The revival of african tourism is a priority for the socio-economic development of the country with enormous potential in biodiversity, flora and fauna. With Yebo DRC, we intended to capitalize on these resources and rethink tourism through digital technology in order to revitalize the sector.

We are always working to achieve our goals which are:

👉 Capture data on expenses made in real time

👉 Measure seasonal tourist flows each quarter for the DRC and Africa

👉 Create direct and indirect jobs for local communities as a means of social development.

👉 Measure the performance of tourism services in the DRC and Africa

👉 Create orientation referencing and assistance for tourists.

Democratic Republic of the Congo


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