Kudakwashe Mazhetese

Name: Kudakwashe
Surname: Mazhetese

Project Name
Bantu Stall

Bantu Stall is a marketplace where tourists find things to do, experiences, service providers, hosts, curators, and vendors.

Project Challenge
Our technology helps tourists manage and build their itinerary, sources trusted and vetted tour groups or operators. Host and/or curators can manage their business by enhancing retention, marketing, managing time, processing payments, issuing updates plus managing their colleagues and service providers.

Target Audience
Tour Group Operators Family Travel Cultural Traveller Medical Travellers Solo Travellers Sport Travellers Business Travellers

Solution & USP
A marketplace tied to a CRM built with AI and Machine learning that optimizes Google’s consoles, and enhances business performance

We predict the market to be over $120 billion and hope to capture $1 billion of it

Competitor Analysis
Our competitors are Airbnb, Travelstart, GetYourGuide, and Bookings.com. Our USP is that we plugin to the hosts, or curators’ existing websites and enhance their functions.

Team Composition
So far its a team of two, just me and my cofounder. We outsource any other addition functions

Financial Modelling
B2B2B We charge between 15% to 40% per transaction depending on the nature and construct.

We transacted over $70,000 between 2022 September and October 2023. We aim to double the revenue in 2024 and have it more structured.

Currently, we have a $30,000 budget to raise for our team and development for the first half of 2024. We haven’t started making yearly budgets as yet

We have brought in over 140 African Americans in the past year and are aiming to double that amount

Ask and what will be offered in return
We are asking for Grant Funding between $5000 to $30,000 to further validate our business model and build an MVP. Our offer is BBEEE points and service we can source in-house for sponsors. Another of our offers is an opportunity to build a relation with a promising upcoming startup. We are not offering any equity at the moment.

How the ask will be used
We will direct this to support Software Development, ELF Marketing, and onboarding more curators, hosts plus service providers.

Timeline for development
We aim to have our MVP out by May 2024 before the challenge. Hopefully, you won’t wait for the pitch to start considering us.

Conclusion/additional information
https://levelup-africa.co.za/project/helplink-africa/ https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7122596073952452608/

South Africa



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