Mbongeni Emmanuel Mthembu

Name: Mbongeni Emmanuel
Surname: Mthembu

Project Name
Township Experience

As Monate Outdoor Activities we are dealing with organizing Hiking Trails, Camping Experience and Touring. We cater for both young and adults. In out community we are only one entity that deals with Tourism especially Travel services. We took that opportunity early in 2020 March till to date. Our packages are affordable because we understand our target market group since to them this new product/services so we price according to their buying power.

Project Challenge
In our community there’s too littering to the environment. That makes our river carries lot of waste and it going straight to the ocean where it will kill and be harmful to animals in the ocean. We then decided to introduce Hiking Trails within our community so that people can see the importance of protecting the environment. Again we are educating through awareness programme so that none can do illegal dumping or destroyed the environment. Through Hiking trails we were able to win families from children to adults because our packages allows families to participate in our experience.

Target Audience
Children from age of 8 years, Youth 14 – 35, Young Adults, Adults 55 years that is our maximum age that we take for our experience. Sports people.

Solution & USP
We are conducting Awareness programme and do Hiking trail experience where we share information, teaching our hikers the importance of environment and nature.

Children, Young People and Adults. We can say in terms of percentage we have reached almost 39.9% so far. The reason is that some people have a fear of walking in the mountains but slowly we are getting good responses when we host our experience programme.

Competitor Analysis
Our competitors what they normally do in our region only target the middle class and they don’t cater to children who are keen to learn more and enjoy the experience. Again their prices are very high plus they don’t do awareness programme. Others are only taking less than 15 people on tours. Meanwhile, we take 30 -45 participants. We are working closely with the Local Taxi Association because we believe in sharing Township Economy. Competitors want participants to drive their cars.

Team Composition
Tour Guide (1) First Aider (2) Drivers (2) Catering Members (4) Photographer (1) Waterboy (2)

Financial Modelling
Customers buy packages that we normally advertise on our social media platforms. Our packages include the price and itinerary as well. E.g. Gamalakhe Trail 8km, Photographer, Lunch Meal, 2x Water, History about the area, Waterfall Experience, and Bird Watching.

2024 February – June R82 000, June – December R130 000

Monate Outdoor Activities – 6 months events: 1. Galla Dinner R500 x 30pax = R15000 R15000 – R7500 cost including meals and sound system Profit is = R7 500 2. Newcastle Experience R580 transportation R1500 accommodation R500 emergency R500 mark up R2980 x 30pax = R89 400 – R60 000 costs Profit is R29 400 3. Wild Coast Experience R2000 x 30pax = R60 000 – R4800 ( Port Shepstone to Bizana transportation ) = R55,200 – R8 000 Meals and homestay accommodation Profit is R45 200 Our profit within 2024 6 months R7 500 + R 29 400 + R45 200 = R82 100 Profit within 6 months

Our Entity has been recognized by the Higher Institute of Education that’s Mangosuthu University of Technology in terms of Social Entrepreneur. We have won one of the top 5 Tourism KZN Youth in Tourism sector during youth month. Recently we are nominated for KwaZulu Natal Youth Business Awards under the Tourism 2023.

Ask and what will be offered in return
We request a funding of R100 000 cash injection this will help us to run our events next year and we’ll make profits. We also want to push our branding tools like T-shirts, Calander, Diary, Car Stickers, and Website, boost our social media posts, and pay our full-time and part-time employees a reasonable price. In return An investor within 6months he will get 25% of the profit made by the company.

How the ask will be used
Organizing and Promoting our packages via social media platforms, traditional advertising (posters, flyers, and car stickers) . Booking accommodation and paying for transportation that will take our clients, pay the photographer, buy Uniform Active Wear T -shirt for the team ( 12 members) , Marketing tools ( 4x Pull Up Banners, 1x Wall Banner, 3x Tea Drop for outdoor banners, creating a website and buying Our own Camp Tents and Generator. 

Timeline for development
December 2023 – July 2024 This will give us ample time to prepare and run our project smoothly and effectively. Proper planning is vital a lot.

Conclusion/additional information
As the start-up entity if we can receive R100 000 as a cash injection this will play a huge pivotal role to us because we are going to be able run our events smoothly and the company footprint will grow and attract even SADC tourists not only domestic ones. Again it will motivate our staff to work hard because they see that we are getting more clients. In Tourism image and trust play a critical role to our clients and potential ones too. We can be happy too if we can get a donation of 2x Laptops and 1 Big Machine for a printer it will increase productivity in our job since we have office space but we don’t have resources like Laptops, Telephone, WIFI, and Desks. We hope that this platform will create and open doors for us as an entity because we are suffering plus this is a youth business. 

South Africa



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