Mfontoh Blaise Abenwi Shu

Name: Mfontoh 
Surname: Blaise Abenwi Shu

Project Name

Think Tours is a climate friendly and eco-tourism company out to bring to life the touristic potentials of Cameroon’s Atlantic coast and Wouri river while contributing to preservation of the mangroves, our cultural heritage and its history and the economic development of the local island communities. In a world constantly plagued by depression and increasing imbalances in daily lives, we believe in the power of investing time with nature. We also see through the lens of tourism in revamping living standards of children and youth on our island communities plagued by the lack of basic social amenities and employment opportunities. At Think Tours, we sell our ideal of humanity and the creation of beautiful moments and experiences for everyone through reconnecting man with nature. Our boat tours cover 9 island locations in the Littoral region of Cameroon and the totality of the mangrove creeks with colonial architecture and a rich history and cultural heritage.

Project Challenge

The challenges we find are three (3) folded. Firstly, with the rising interconnection of cultures and mass media, our societies stand an unfair chance of loosing identity and the rich heritage embedded in culture and understanding of our primary environs. At Think Tours, we strive to protect cultural heritage and to improve the quality of life of residents and visitors alike. Secondly, we founded Think Tours to challenge the status quo and change the narrative of a constant foreign spend by Africans in Western communities. Lastly, to emancipate the lives of the local inhabitants of the various islands we work with especially Jebale and Manoka Islands.

Target Audience
Our targets are encompassed under working class male and female bracket of 20 to 55 years old living in urban city centers, diaspora Cameroonians and international visitors or tourist.

Solution & USP
We offer eco friendly tours that recalibrate the human creative streams coupled with a refreshing bond with nature through sight seeing of breathtaking waterfronts, island activities and more. Our activities serve as a pull of employment to island communities as they get employment as guides and watchers and a source of income for the traders.


Tourism in Cameroon has been a progressive journey and is now over 873 million dollar industry with a contribution to GDP of over 1.2%. Our target market is well over 20% of the entire chunk as we keep the focus on water tourism with a merge of island tours.

Competitor Analysis

When it comes to Boat Tours, Think Tours is the only focused agency that sell this priceless service, gaining all the required licenses to operate within the Littoral water jurisdictions. This gives room just for a forecasted entry of new players in the game reasons why we our need to fund desired growth , creativity, innovation and new equipment at every step of the way is ever arising.

Team Composition
Our team is composed of 7 dynamic Cameroonians as follows.

1. Mfontoh Blaise Abenwi Shu: Founder and CEO

2. Langhi Walters Chuye : Operations Manager

3. Angobe Quinable Ngonda: Customer relations

4. Daisy Nche: Marketing and advertising

5. Mundo Emmanuel: Boat 1 pilot

6. Lobe theophilus: Boat 2 pilot

7. Elame Valentine: Cartographer

Financial Modelling
We run on bootstrapped capital till date reasons for our very slow/gradual yet steady progress since inception. With current investment value of $22,000, we have so far been able to set the framework of the business and get it afloat.

We envisage a growth to the tune of a $470,000 in revenue in 5 years with an over 5% occupation of the market share.



Ask and what will be offered in return
We ask $100,000 for a 25% equity stake of Think Tours.

How the ask will be used
The Ask will be used to increase our assets, basically on CAPEX, so as to enhance coverage and get a model YAMAHA engine of 120 horse power for 2 luxury boats for VIP tours, marketing spend and lastly purchase of additional licenses to span the waters of the Limbe deep sea ports towards the South West region of CAAMEROON.

Timeline for development

Our development timeline is one year, eight months.

Conclusion/additional information



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