Salome Nkuna

Name: Salome
Surname: Nkuna

Project Name
Crocodile Bridge Restaurant

The Kruger is the world-renowned National Park offering a wildlife experience that ranks with the best in Africa, apart from it has a potential to offer even more. We plan to bring back the old pontoon crossing bridge back to life by converting it in to a Bridge Restaurant over the crocodile Bridge overlooking the National Park.

Project Challenge

The Crocodile Bridge is one of the busiest gate access to the Kruger National Park and the only gate offering Night Gate Drive to patrons not staying in the park overnight, where you get a cue of tourists waiting for their chance to access the gate, we want to offer a fine African Dining experience that will add something extra to the park and a best stop for coffee before the morning Safari, the first stop for a meal just after the game drive well as the best meeting point for dinner to rehearse on the day experience before tourists head back to their resting stop or after their evening safari experience.

Target Audience
We targeting Tourists visiting Kruger National Park Via Crocodile Bridge and tourists staying in Komatipoort, Marloth Park and Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp.

Solution & USP
Coffee shop for tourists waiting for their turn to get to the Kruger National Park Via Crocodile Bridge and those waiting to do evening game drive.


We are targeting to reach about 10% of the market share of tourists accessing the Kruger National Park Via Crocodile Bridge who want to experience Fine African Dining

Competitor Analysis

International tourists have a high belief that South Africa is an unsafe country, so taking the restaurant to where they feel Safe (Crocodile Bridge Gate: Kruger National Park) will give them the African Cuisine at the comfort of their safety. There’s no Fine Dining closer to the Crocodile Bridge in the Kruger National Park except for in their lodges.

Team Composition
We are a Team of 1 Director, 1 Tour Director, The Guide and Relief Driver.

Financial Modelling
We currently operating as Airport & Hotel Transfer Company, operating with 2 vehicles and willing to expand our offerings in to fine dining.

We are targeting to make turnover of R3 Million on the first year of operation and about 7 million annual turnover after 5 years

A budget of 6 Million will be required to set up the Crocodile Bridge Restaurant.

We have currently submitted a Proposal to develop the Crocodile Bridge in to a restaurant. A concept design has been developed to illustrate the Idea in 3D form.

Ask and what will be offered in return
We are willing to give the investor 30% shares in this business should they invest in the concept.

How the ask will be used

Timeline for development

The development will take a period of 6 months to setup.

Conclusion/additional information
This concept will not only preserve the bridge history, but will also add something to attract tourists to visit the Kruger National Park again and again.

South Africa


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