Tebogo Madileng

Name: Tebogo
Surname: Madileng

Project Name

Snape is a media tech company that connects photographers, videographers, and businesses in need of their services. Our dynamic platform serves as a user-friendly marketplace, enabling clients to find professional visual content creators who meet their specific needs and budget. Additionally, Snape offers a comprehensive gallery management solution that enables companies to effectively manage their video and image collections. With our platform, South African Tourism can create multiple collections of tourist destinations throughout the country, including both well-known locations and lesser-explored areas. These collections will feed into a stock image and video website, providing a centralized hub where the tourism trade, including tour operators, marketers, event organizers, and others who sell the country, can access and utilize the content freely.

Project Challenge
The challenge lies in promoting South Africa’s diverse attractions and lesser-known areas effectively to a global audience. Despite the country’s rich heritage and unique experiences, limited access to high-quality visual content hampers the tourism industry’s ability to attract visitors. Current methods lack authenticity, often showcasing curated scenes over genuine local experiences. Furthermore, the vast content available is disorganized and challenging to navigate, hindering efficient use by tour operators and marketers. This disjointed approach hampers South African Tourism’s objective of enticing more tourists, particularly to off-the-beaten-track destinations. The need to bridge this gap and create a centralized, authentic, and well-organized visual repository is critical. By addressing these challenges, the project aims to revolutionize South Africa’s tourism promotion, offering a compelling, genuine, and accessible portrayal of the country’s hidden gems, cultural diversity, and natural wonders, ultimately driving increased visitor engagement and sustainable tourism growth.

Target Audience
The primary target audience includes global tourists, travel enthusiasts, and adventure seekers interested in exploring South Africa’s diverse attractions and unique cultural experiences. Additionally, tour operators, marketers, and event organizers within the tourism trade are key stakeholders. This initiative aims to captivate potential travelers while empowering industry professionals to effectively promote and sell South Africa’s lesser-known areas, catering to both leisure travelers and businesses seeking authentic, off-the-beaten-track experiences.

Solution & USP
Solution: The proposed solution involves partnering with Snape, a media tech company, to create an innovative, centralized platform. This platform offers free access to a well-organized, extensive library of high-quality visual content, showcasing South Africa’s diverse attractions and authentic experiences. Snape’s gallery management system efficiently organizes content, making it accessible to the tourism trade. The collaboration focuses on curating engaging visual narratives and emphasizing the authenticity of lesser-known areas and cultural richness. Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Snape’s USP lies in its ability to deliver authentic and immersive visual storytelling. Leveraging a vast network of content providers, Snape captures genuine, real-life scenes across South Africa. This emphasis on authenticity sets Snape apart, enabling the creation of a genuine connection between potential tourists and the country’s hidden gems. Furthermore, the platform’s user-friendly interface and free access to high-quality visuals provide unparalleled convenience to the tourism trade, making it an indispensable tool for promoting South Africa’s off-the-beaten-track destinations effectively.

Photographic activities in South Africa will amount to approximately 207.6 million U.S. Dollars (R3 579 812 880) by 2023 https://www.statista.com/forecasts/424632/photographi c activities revenue in south africa Global Photographic Services Market Report 2021: A $44.07 Billion Market https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/202103160059 02/en/Global Photographic Services Market Report 2021 A 44.07 Billion Market COVID 19 Impact and Recovery to 2025 2030 ResearchAndMarkets.com

Competitor Analysis
1. Competitor A (Online Travel Platform):

Strengths: Extensive reach, diverse visual content, user-friendly interface.

Weaknesses: Limited focus on off-the-beaten-track destinations, high pricing for premium content.

Partnerships: Collaborations with major hotel chains and airlines.

Customer Feedback: Positive reviews regarding content variety but concerns about affordability.


2. Competitor B (Local Tourism Board):

Strengths: Rich authentic content, strong local partnerships, government support.

Weaknesses: Limited global reach, outdated website design, lack of interactive features.

Marketing Strategies: Relies heavily on traditional marketing methods and local events.

User Experience: Mixed reviews, with users praising content quality but expressing frustration over website navigation.


3. Competitor C (Travel Media Company):

Strengths: High-quality, visually appealing content, active social media presence.

Weaknesses: Limited focus on lesser-known areas, inconsistent content updates.

Marketing Strategies: Emphasizes influencer partnerships and visually stunning social media campaigns.

Customer Feedback: Positive responses regarding the aesthetic appeal of content but demands more coverage of hidden gems.


4. Competitor D (Online Travel Agency):

Strengths: Comprehensive travel packages, user-generated content integration, global presence.

Weaknesses: Less focus on cultural experiences, high competition in mainstream destinations.

Partnerships: Partners with various airlines and accommodation providers.

User Experience: Generally positive reviews, highlighting ease of booking but requesting more diverse destination options.

Team Composition
4 Directors 9 Developers

Financial Modelling
Revenue Model Summary: Commission on Bookings: Snape takes a 24% commission on all bookings made through the platform. Example: If a client books for R2350, Snape’s commission is R564. If Snape achieves 2000 bookings, the profit would be R1,128,000 (R564 * 2000). Subscription Products for Photographers, Videographers, Agencies, Hotels, and Event Companies: Photographers and Videographers: Runner Up: From R175 per month Starter: From R300 per month Pro: From R500 per month Elite: From R2250 per month Agencies, Hotels, and Event Companies: Starter: From R300 per month Pro: From R500 per month Elite: From R2250 per month To date we have spend $16107,42 on developing the entire platform

Snape Has 943 Service providers. 943*R175 (cost of Saas) = R165 025pm (multiply by 12) = R1 980 300 If we can increase the number of creatives on the platform. Bookings: Average booking amount R2350 * 24% (Commission) =R564 R564 * 2000(desired bookings per month) = R1 128 000

Server costs per 10TB = R11 700 Operational Costs = R73 600 pm

Completely built our app which is ready for market. On boarded 943 videographers and photographers on the platform. (Countrywide) Partnered with Access Bank Fully endorsed by the Department of Arts and Culture Partnered with Media Schools Registered our Tanzanian Company for expansion in 2024 Process of partnering City lodge with all 59 hotels they own.

Ask and what will be offered in return
This investment will be for a 10% equity stake in the business for R500 000. I believe with your investment I can take this company to new heights.

How the ask will be used
Operational Cost + Marketing

Timeline for development
Development done. We just need capital to help us Penetrate South African Market

Conclusion/additional information
In the face of economic challenges, events, funerals, and content creation continue to thrive, all of which necessitate photography and videography services. While big transactions might be scarce, the demand for small transactions is steadily increasing. I firmly believe in the potential of Snape and my ability as an innovative and passionate entrepreneur to steer the company towards unparalleled success. The journey has been challenging, but I have persevered, and I am confident that with your support, Snape can achieve remarkable heights.

South Africa



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