Mentorship Programme for Africa for Youth Tourism Innovators


The Africa Tourism Partners’ Mentor Programme is the first of its kind in the Africa’s Travel and Tourism industry. This programme was launched during 2019 Africa Youth in Tourism Summit & Innovation Challenge in Durban, South Africa. However, the programme lost momentum in 2020 due to COVID-19 virus as it has resulted in not only the collapse of many start-up and entrepreneurship tourism businesses, but also of lack of career and employment opportunities for many fresh graduates and scholars. This is deeply regrettable for African Youth who have aspired to become industry gamechangers, but unfortunately have limited industry networks and relationships. The pandemic further poses a whole different challenge for start-ups and newly employed professionals as they are missing out on being trained, skilled and introduced to industry Thought Leaders, a process which critical for African youth in tourism to harness future opportunities. More so, the situation has also blocked the youth in receiving guidance, insights and knowledge to grow both professionally and personally. It is in the light of this, that ATP would like to intensify this mentorship programme mechanism to catalyse the development of Africa Youth in Tourism in this difficult time.

The youth and SME Tourism Exhibition & innovation showcase

This offers the following opportunities to all delegates:

  • market access, sales and business development opportunity in order to allow start-ups and entrepreneurs to thrive in their business;
  • lessons for revenues growth tactics by showcasing their products and services, do business and to network at the Summit;
  • provide countless opportunities and allow delegates to identify new marketing opportunities, sell products and services; and
  • build relationships and find cross-border travel and tourism business and marketing opportunities.

Becoming a

To join the programme prospective mentor should:

  • have more than 10 years of experience in the travel, tourism, hospitality and aviation industry.
  • be able to provide a duration 12-month mentorship period, renewable on annual basis at no cost to the either Africa Tourism Partner or the mentee.
  • be able to offer a minimum mentorship hours of 2 hours per month as arranged and agreed between the mentor and mentee.
  • be able to provide inspirational toolkit for the mentee where

Contact details

Rejoice Chishamba